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Please fill out the form above or follow these instructions to set up an appointment online.

Directions for scheduling an appointment online:

  1. Click on the “view appointment calendar” link on the website:
  2. Scroll through the calendar and find the day that works best for you. Please note that only the days in white have available appointments.
  3. Once you know the day you would like to schedule click on the preferred time.
  4. In the next window click on “New User” and fill in your information with a password you would like to use and click “Register and Book”. Or sign in if you already have an account from a previous year.
  5. In the next window click the “Book Now” button in the lower right hand corner of the page.
  6. You will then be pointed to a confirmation page saying your appointment has been booked! Congratulations!

*** If you don’t see a time you would like on a specific day please feel free to message me above with a note or call me at (415) 531-8110 and we can figure something out.